Avocado : Benefits and Side Effects

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avocados benefits side effects

Avocado is a very popular fruit with lots of medicinal qualities. Avocados are preferred for its wide range of health benefits for skin, hair and internal body. This fruit is a storehouse of many beneficial nutrients which also helps to cure numerous skin issues and health disorders naturally and easily. Avocado comprises of twenty five mineral and natural vitamins. It has plenty of fibres, protein and phytochemicals. When these Avocados are consumed in large quantities to what is needed by your body, it leads to several damaging effects which does reverse action on your body.

Here are lists of health benefits and side effects of avocado you should know.

1. Cardiovascular Health

Avocado is an excellent source of monounsaturated oleic acid. This beneficial form of fat reduces dangerous LDL cholesterol in the blood, at the same time as increasing the more beneficial HDL cholesterol. As well as lowering LDL cholesterol, eating avocado can also decrease high blood triglyceride levels, another common predictor of cardiovascular problems.

The high levels of vitamin E in avocado help prevent cholesterol oxidation, while their potassium can regulate high blood pressure, that may lead to both heart disease and kidney problems. Avocados are also an excellent source of folate, known to reduce dangerous homocysteine levels in the blood, another predictor of cardiovascular disease. Folate is a nutrient many of us are low in and it is especially important for pregnant women.

This wonder fruit even contains phytosterols for reducing cholesterol absorption, as well as significant amounts of dietary fiber. The fiber content of avocados moderates blood sugar levels, guards against both cardiovascular problems and diabetes, and helps prevent constipation.

2. Blood Pressure

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Avocados are particularly rich in potassium, even higher than the often touted bananas, and a good food to eat to normalize blood pressure and a lower risk of kidney failure and heart disease. Aside from healthy blood pressure, the oleic acid and dietary fiber in avocados help normalize blood sugar levels, providing further benefits for heart health and lowering the risk of diabetes.

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